Creditile is gadget that displays numeric data from any website on your desktop.


1. Download the Creditile.gadget file and double click to install. Windows should prompt you to add the gadget.

2. Hover your mouse over the gadget and the ‘spanner’ icon will appear click this to display the setup menu.

3. Next enter the setup information

Enter the web address of the page that has the numeric data you want.

Enter a username and password if you need to login to see this page.

Enter the words just before the data you want as the keywords.


Creditile Logo



Creditile Gadget (37KB)

Creditile.gadget (37KB)

Last Updated 25 Apr 2012


Donate $5

If you can’t make a donation please tell a friend about Creditile.


  • Free to use at home or work.
  • Provided on an ‘as-is’ basis, use at your own risk.
  • May not be sold or modified without permission.
  • May not be re-distributed without permission except privately within your organisation or household (eg. private intranet or USB key).

Known Issues

  • None yet

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