Live Wedding Album

LiveWeddingAlbum shows wedding photos during your wedding reception.

Screenshot of LiveWeddingAlbum Start ScreenScreenshot of Live Wedding Album slideshow



To install simpy unzip the file to a folder and run setup.exe.

Select a logo and background if required.

Then plug in camera memory cards and memory sticks and any files will be copied to the album directory (displayed at the bottom of the application start screen).

If you would like to start the album with an initial set of photos copy them to the directory listed in the application (‘C:\Users\<You>\My Pictures\LiveWeddingAlbum’).


  • Only copies photos from memory cards/sticks once.
  • Only gets photos taken on camera in the last day.
  • Supports multiple monitors (although can be a little slow).




Last Updated 23 Jan 2012


Donate $5

Please make a donation each time you use LiveWeddingAlbum at a wedding.


  • Free to use at home or work.
  • Provided on an ‘as-is’ basis, use at your own risk.
  • May not be sold or modified without permission.
  • May not be re-distributed without permission except privately within your organisation or household (eg. private intranet or USB key).

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