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Start Menu Calculator is a calculator for the Windows 7 Start Menu Search.

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Start Menu Calculator evaluates your entry using javascript ‘eval()’ with a few helpful additions.

Specify powers with the ^ character. This is done using a regex replace the result of which is show in grey below your result (bitwise exclusive or can be performed with the function xor(a,b)):

Calculation of Power using Start Menu Calculator

Implied multiplication of variables and expressions contained in brackets:

Implied multiplication with Start Menu Calculator

You can access all the Javascript math functions and constants without needing to prefix with Math:

Using standard Javascript math functions and constants

Because the calculator simply performs a Javascript evaluation you can enter complex equations with multiple variables:

Complex equation in Start Menu Calculator

For a complete list of Functions and Constants that can be used in Start Menu Calculator refer to the Internet Explorer Javascript Math Object Reference.


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Start Menu Calculator 32bit and 64bit Installer

StartMenuCalculatorInstaller.exe (372KB) (358KB)

Last Updated 25 Sep 2011



  • Free to use at home or work.
  • Provided on an ‘as-is’ basis, use at your own risk.
  • May not be sold or modified without permission.
  • May not be re-distributed without permission except privately within your organisation/household (eg. private intranet or USB key).
  • Please tell a friend about Start Menu Calculator

Known Issues

  • Running multiple instances of Start Menu Calculator can crash explorer.
  • Displaying Javascript message boxes (alert(), confirm() or prompt()) can cause issues.
  • Entering a Javascript program that runs an endless loop will crash explorer.

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