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Virgin Mobile Remaining Credit Sidebar Gadget

I found that I was wasting alot of mobile credit because I never knew when my credit was going to expire. So I made this Vista Sidebar gadget that displays how much credit you have left and when it will expire.

It currently works with my Australian Virgin Pre-Paid Mobile Account (with auto top-up) and I am hoping it will work for standard monthly plans as well. If it doesn’t and you are willing to send me the html (‘Save As’ in browser), send me an email at contact@robotification.com and I can let you know which pages I need to make it work.


Virgin Mobile Phone Credit Balance Gadget Download it now:



  • Windows Vista Sidebar
  • An Australian Virgin Mobile Account

Click ‘Read More’ or scroll down to find out how to use it.

UPDATE 11 Aug 2008: I am currently working on making the gadget work with post-paid virgin mobile accounts, stay tuned.
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