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Web Screen Saver

WebScreenSaver displays web pages in full screen as your screen saver on multiple monitors (download at bottom). It has the following features:

  • Interactive mode.Settings Screen
    • Pressing the escape key allows you to interact (scroll & click links) with
      the displayed web pages. Interactive mode will turn of again after 5
      minutes of inactivity or you can press escape again to re-enable it
      (eg. When you want to leave the screen saver).
  • Support for unlimited monitors (in theory)
  • Fading every 5 minutes.

    • Every 5 minutes the screen fades to white for a few seconds to help prevent screen burn in (which apparently effects LCD monitors as well as old CRT ones).
  • can specify a URL on the internet or your local machine for each monitor

Anyone downloading the screen saver should note:

  • The
    screen saver cannot be used for the domain/login screen, due to the
    fact that accessing the internet requires you to be logged in.
  • The screen saver is for Windows.
  • If you use this with more than four monitors I would love to see a photo ( email it to contact@robotification.com).

Download (Source and ready to use .scr)


Please note: You will need to have the .NET framework installed for this to work.

This screen saver is something I had wanted to make for a while, I
thought it would be a great way to unobtrusively keep an eye on google
news or server up/down status. Making the screen saver was a great learning experience for me as I mainly code ASP.NET, so I got to play with Windows Presentation Foundation for the first time. I found that WPF databinding isn’t quite as easy as in ASP.NET but on the plus side it does force you to create proper view objects. Also some of the animation features in WPF don’t work quite so well for the whole screen (fading is a little jerky).

Feel free to use and adapt the code for your needs (personal or commercial).