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My Install Guide

Before you start

  1. Backup all data to removable drives (run a full image backup in win 7)
  2. Ensure you have all the required drivers (or a second pc to download them)
  3. Create a bootable install USB using the Microsoft Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool

Install software:

  1. Security
    • Virus Scanner
  2. Drivers
    • Network
    • Video
    • Others
  3. Utilites
  4. Productivity
  5. Entertainment
  6. Diagnostics

Linked software is OS/Freeware.

FTP Folder Copy/Move with Date Time Batch Script

I decomissioned my DNS-323 NAS which was setup to automatically copy scanned pdf’s off my Brother MFC-440CN Scanner. This meant I needed to re-write my scanning copy shell script to run as a batch script on my main computer.

Re-writing the script was harder than I anticipated. The command line ftp client on windows expects you to know the names of each file. It does however have the ability to run a script file full of ftp commands. So the solution to getting the script working was:

  1. Run a temporary script for ftp to get a file listing
  2. Run another temp script for ftp that fetchs and deletes each file in the file listing.
  3. Cleanup/delete temporary scripts/files

What it does:

Moves files from the specified ftp directory to the specified local directory prepended with the date and time.


Create a .bat file with the script below. Then set the parameters at the beginnng of the script as follows:

  • set server= the ip address of your ftp server (in my case my scanner)
  • set fetch_directory= the directory on the ftp server to copy/move files from
  • set target_dir = the directory on the local computer to copy/move the files to

The Script

@echo off

:: downloads then deletes ftp files from the given location

set server=
:: no trailing / on fetch dir path
set fetch_directory=/BROTHER
:: no trailing \ on target dir path
set target_dir=c:\Users\myusername\Docs\Scan
set temp_script_file=ftp_script.txt
set temp_dir_list=ftp_file_list.txt

:: create temp file with ftp script to output file list
echo open %server% > %temp_script_file%
echo. >> %temp_script_file%
echo mdir %fetch_directory% %temp_dir_list% >> %temp_script_file%
echo y >> %temp_script_file%
echo bye >> %temp_script_file%

:: now run the script with ftp
ftp -s:%temp_script_file%

:: now we have a list of the files in the ftp directory

:: now make a script from the file listing to copy each file.
echo open %server% > %temp_script_file%
echo. >> %temp_script_file%
echo lcd %target_dir%  >> %temp_script_file%
:: copy each file to a dated file locally
for /F "tokens=9 skip=3" %%i in (%temp_dir_list%) do (
SET get_file=%%i
echo binary >> %temp_script_file%
echo get %fetch_directory%/!get_file:~0,-1!  "%target_dir%\%date:~10,4%-%date:~7,2%-%date:~4,2% %time:~0,2%.%time:~3,2%.%time:~6,2%.%time:~9,2% !get_file:~0,-1!" >> %temp_script_file%
echo delete %fetch_directory%/!get_file:~0,-1!  >> %temp_script_file%
echo bye >> %temp_script_file%

:: now run the new script
ftp -s:%temp_script_file%

::remove temporary script files
del %temp_dir_list%
del %temp_script_file%

Web Screen Saver

WebScreenSaver displays web pages in full screen as your screen saver on multiple monitors (download at bottom). It has the following features:

  • Interactive mode.Settings Screen
    • Pressing the escape key allows you to interact (scroll & click links) with
      the displayed web pages. Interactive mode will turn of again after 5
      minutes of inactivity or you can press escape again to re-enable it
      (eg. When you want to leave the screen saver).
  • Support for unlimited monitors (in theory)
  • Fading every 5 minutes.

    • Every 5 minutes the screen fades to white for a few seconds to help prevent screen burn in (which apparently effects LCD monitors as well as old CRT ones).
  • can specify a URL on the internet or your local machine for each monitor

Anyone downloading the screen saver should note:

  • The
    screen saver cannot be used for the domain/login screen, due to the
    fact that accessing the internet requires you to be logged in.
  • The screen saver is for Windows.
  • If you use this with more than four monitors I would love to see a photo ( email it to

Download (Source and ready to use .scr)

Please note: You will need to have the .NET framework installed for this to work.

This screen saver is something I had wanted to make for a while, I
thought it would be a great way to unobtrusively keep an eye on google
news or server up/down status. Making the screen saver was a great learning experience for me as I mainly code ASP.NET, so I got to play with Windows Presentation Foundation for the first time. I found that WPF databinding isn’t quite as easy as in ASP.NET but on the plus side it does force you to create proper view objects. Also some of the animation features in WPF don’t work quite so well for the whole screen (fading is a little jerky).

Feel free to use and adapt the code for your needs (personal or commercial).

Get a Logitech QuickCam Orbit / Sphere MP working with Windows Server 2008

Logitech doesn’t support Windows Server editions which is a pain if you are using Windows Server on your workstation or want to setup a web cam server.

Luckily I have been able to get my QuickCam Sphere working with the qc1100 version of the driver (I believe this may also work with the QuickCam Pro 9000). Unfortunately I doubt that this version will work for 64-bit machines (I was working with 32-bit).

Here is a zip (52MB) of this version as you can’t download it from Logitech anymore.

Here are the steps I followed to get it to work:

  1. Unplug your QuickCam Orbit/Sphere.
  2. Remove all existing copies of Logitech QuickCam drivers and software.
    1. Go into the control panel and open ‘Programs and Features’.
    2. Then select each program with ‘Logitech’ in the name and click ‘uninstall’.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Download the ‘qc1100’ version of the driver and software which works with server 2008 using the zip link above.
  5. Extract the zip to your desktop, you should get a file ‘qc1100_server2008.exe’ and a folder called ‘Bin’.
    1. The exe is the one I downloaded from Logitech some time ago.
    2. The Bin folder is extracted from the installer so you don’t have to.
    3. FYI: To extract a zip file in windows right click the file and select ‘extract all’ then follow the prompts.
  6. Double Click the ‘qc1100_server2008.exe’ installer.
  7. Make sure you de-select ‘get latest version’ otherwise it will download the latest version of the driver software which does not work.
  8. Continue through the installer as normal.
  9. When the installer finishes Restart (if the installer doesn’t ask you to I suggest you do anyway).
  10. Now plug in your QuickCam.
  11. All being well Windows should recognise your camera and install it.
  12. Check to see if your Camera is working. If it does, great you are finished! If not read on as I had to do these extra steps:
    1. Unplug your QuickCam again.
    2. Restart your computer.
    3. Open the ‘Bin’ folder from the zip file (or extract it yourself from the installer exe).
    4. Then run the driver only installer ‘setup.exe’ in the ‘Bin’ folder.
    5. Then plug your camera in again. This time it should install and start working.


I hope this gets your web cam working too!


Dial Tone, a Windows Mobile DTMF Tone Generator

I am releasing my entry for the Devsta 2008 Challenge to open source for people to use for free [Just acknowlege me and my site in your code comments :) ]. The program allows you to dial the contacts on your windows mobile device using DTMF Tones (eg if you hold your analogue phone to the speaker of your device then it will dial the number). It also displays your upcoming meetings for reference whilst on the phone.

The download is the Visual Studio 2008 project so you can grab any bits of code you want or just have a poke around! The code for generating the DTMF tones is nicly encapsulated in a class that should work in anything that is .NET.

Also if anyone makes a proper installer for the app send a copy to and I’ll host/post it here for others and credit/link you!

Dial Tone Free Freeware DTMF generator for windows mobile Download Visual Studio Project (ZIP, 160Kb)


DialTone is a Windows Mobile Application that allows you to dial the DTMF telephone tone sequences for your Windows Mobile Contacts phone numbers. DTMF tones are the first beeps you heard when your old school dial-up modem dialled into your ISP and whenever you dial an analogue phone.

With DialTone on your mobile device you’ll never need to remember your friend’s phone numbers again. Simply start DialTone and select any contact you want to call. Then tap ‘Dial’ and hold the microphone end of your land-line/analogue telephone up to the speaker on your Windows Mobile Device. Then talk to your contact!

There are lots of situations where DialTone comes in handy, for example:

  • When you’re in the office or at home and don’t want to make an expensive mobile call.
  • When you have run out of mobile credit and need to quickly dial on a land-line.
  • When you’re out of mobile range and have to use a phone box.
  • When you don’t have a mobile device with a built in Cell Phone!

DialTone has a small footprint on your mobile device using only 17 Kilobytes of flash storage. This achieved with DialTone’s custom DTMF tone generator which creates the DTMF tones on the fly.

DialTone’s User interface features larger on screen buttons for ‘finger tip’ operation. DialTone also helps you stay organised by displaying any upcoming meetings you have with the currently selected/dialled Contact, making re-scheduling a meeting or adding some notes only a tap away.

Usage Notes:

  • If you run DialTone with no contacts in the address book it assumes it is being tested and adds two dummy contacts and two dummy meeting appointments. The contact’s telephone numbers are the analogue telephone test numbers and will play a recorded message when dialled.
  • When using a Cordless Phone press the ‘Call’ or ‘Pickup’ button before holding up to your Mobile Device and tapping ‘Dial’.
  • For best results hold the microphone end of the phone as close as possible to the speaker on your Mobile Device. You may need to increase the volume if it was previously set at a low setting.
  • If running the Mobile Device Emulator on a virtual PC, ensure that the sound card is working (Virtual Machine Additions may need to be re-installed). DialTone works just as well with a phone held up to a speaker or headphone.

Virgin Mobile Remaining Credit Sidebar Gadget

I found that I was wasting alot of mobile credit because I never knew when my credit was going to expire. So I made this Vista Sidebar gadget that displays how much credit you have left and when it will expire.

It currently works with my Australian Virgin Pre-Paid Mobile Account (with auto top-up) and I am hoping it will work for standard monthly plans as well. If it doesn’t and you are willing to send me the html (‘Save As’ in browser), send me an email at and I can let you know which pages I need to make it work.


Virgin Mobile Phone Credit Balance Gadget Download it now:



  • Windows Vista Sidebar
  • An Australian Virgin Mobile Account

Click ‘Read More’ or scroll down to find out how to use it.

UPDATE 11 Aug 2008: I am currently working on making the gadget work with post-paid virgin mobile accounts, stay tuned.
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A little known OneNote feature (OCR)

If you haven’t tried out Microsoft Office’s OneNote application you should. It is the best way to take notes on a PC that I have come across (Great for Brainstorming etc.). But to the point; I was using it the other day and discovered that when you search it also searches the text on any images you have inserted into your page. OneNote automatically runs OCR on any inserted images. How cool is that!

Screenshot of OneNote searching text in images